Wrapping up the Holidays – Easy, simple organizing solution

Twelfth Night (5th January) signifies the end of the Christmas holiday that had begun on Christmas Day. The morning after Twelfth Night is marked as the Epiphany and supposed to celebrate the day that the three Magi arrived from the east.

It seems strange then that in the United Kingdom the tradition says, it is the night that we are supposed to have taken down all our holiday decorations. Leaving them up bringing bad luck that anyone who forgets to take them down must leave them in place all year to avoid misfortune.

So before the 5th Jan has time to arrive and before all those needles have fallen from the tree, I have a very simple organizing idea I would like to share.

I save shoe boxes (usually the lift of lid type) during the year. I also save the tissue paper from gifts or from shoe boxes. This free tissue paper make a great wrapping up the other odd shaped decorations at this time of year. If you’ve not had an opportunity to save some boxes, look around your local grocery or warehouse stores, they usually have free boxes to give away.


Grab yourself some “dog eared” hanging folders, or cardboard too.

Measure your boxes and work out how many decorations will fit in.




Cut your folders strips or cardboard down to this size. Make cuts halfway down. Make two small cuts very close together – that way the card sits will slot together cleanly.


Slot the bits of card together. this provides the pockets.


Place the decorations in the pockets.


Next take some photos of your finished box.


Upload those photos on to the computer and print of pictures of the finished boxes onto a full sheet of labels. (You get better value buying full sheets and cutting them yourself).Print-on-full-size-label-sh

If you don’t have a color printer, just make sure either that you’re not fussed about seeing what color is in side or just write what color is in the box.

Voila, you have securely protected your decorations for next year.


If you have an odd shaped box, then this alternative could work for you too.

Place all your decorations inside – allowing them to settle into a natural pattern. Cut long strips of brown paper wrapping. Weave the paper in and out of the decorations so that that don’t touch.


You’ll also notice that I cover my boxes with wrapping paper. Using the end of season wrap means not only are the boxes festive, but until all the gifts are wrapped, you have something nice to place under the tree.


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