Thanksgiving Rosette Napkins

Now that Halloween is over, all the black Friday television adverts are hitting the airways. This of course just reminds us that thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you are catering for just close family or you’ve lots of guests over, you’ll want to make the table looks its best. The simplest decorations are usually the best and if they are quick and easy to put together then that’s even better.

Place settingPlace setting together

These are a simple and elegant. Like these napkin rings in this post , these use kitchen roll inserts to provide the basis for the rings.

What you‘ll need;

  • Kitchen rolls insert
  • Glue, craft knife
  • Printed papers (I found mine at . They offer some really cool papers that are free to print for personal use).
  • Preprinted thanksgiving embellishments or a printer.
  • Paper scorer board.

Cutting the kitchen roll is easy with a craft knife. To make sure that all the napkin rings are the same size, use something about the right height. And hold a pencil on top. Press the kitchen roll against the pencil and slowly move around against the pencil making a mark.

Use a pencil resting on something to create a lineRoll cut to the same size

The kitchen roll is covered with patterned paper, cut to about twice the width of the roll.

Add some glue to the end of the paper and roll it up. Use clothes pegs to hold while the glue dries.

Add some glue to the end of the paper strip

To fold the edges in, it’s a lot easier if you make a number of small cuts around the edge so they don’t quite get the kitchen roll. Apply a bead of glue around the inside and press the paper down. Again holding with clothes pegs until the glue dries.

droplets of glue on the paperpaper covered kitchen roll

To make the rosette, cut two trips of printed paper (from an 8×11 sheet) slightly shy of an inch and a half wide.

Cut two strips for the rosette

Using a paper scoring board add a score lots of light scores at identical intervals down the length. (This is the beauty of the scoring board, although you can mark up with a ruler and pencil).

Crease the paper with a paper folder

Fold the paper back and forth on its self to concertina, crease well with your fingers.

The two papers need to be glued together firstly in 1 strip then around on itself to make a circle.

concertina the paper and glue the ends together to make a circle

To finish the rosette cut a small circle in card stock, add some glue. Push the paper down in the middle and squish the sides together. Hold down until it holds itself. (This may take a few minutes).

Add another small circle of card- stock to the front. This holds the rosette flat.

Cut another circle in a matching paper, I’ve used patterned scissors to add an interesting edge.

a few more dabs of glue

If you have some store bought thanksgiving embellishments simply add then on top. I choose to print some happy thanksgiving messages on card-stock and stuck them on.

Stick the rosette onto the top of the paper covered ring.

Pull your napkin through and you’re done. Time to enjoy that turkey and stuffing, and the family all around.

Place setting

If you want to glam them up a bit more then use a pair of patterned scissors or punch to create a fancy edge. A leaf punch was used to add leaves around the edge.

Place setting alternative

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