Holiday Gift Tags – a need or a want…… oh! a need……

There are so many gifts to give throughout the year; holidays, birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, wedding gifts… the list goes on. What makes each gift unique…. why a gift tag. and when you’ve either made it yourself or bought it, a gift tag just finishes off the gift by including some small message that shows the recipient how much you care. These are simple, wooden gift tags crafted using bought cutouts… but Shhhh! no-one will know

Gift Tag

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Wooden Jewelry box, with beautiful curved sides

We have a charity Auction at work every year and this year a beautiful jewelry box was placed as a prize by one of the maintenance crew, a friend placed her ticket in the box but was unlucky not to win it, so I said i would make her one.

I was so pleased it turned out like this

Box closed ribbon

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Fabric Luggage Tag for the Traveler on Your Holiday Gift List

The start of the holiday gift making season is now upon us. I should have got started earlier but you know how life gets in the way. These luggage tags are perfect for the traveler in the family or for the friend at work who travels for business. They can be used to identify non-descript luggage in the pile of other ones or to add some contact information (although it’s never a good idea to put home addresses on luggage tags). Coordinate the fabric for a favorite color or theme.

Coordinated Luggage setLuggage tag sweetLuggage-tag-finished-saved-

They are quick to run up in numbers when you want to coordinate a luggage set.

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