Seed packets

For baby shower gifts, wedding favors, birthday favors or just a gift for a special friend who gardens, these seed packets let you personalize and are simple to make with printed papers and a template.

Mary mary 3Mary mary 2


For one seed packet you’ll need two paper printouts. One full size on the patterned paper the other at 75%.

Here is a template : Seed packet template 2. To print use your scaling settings under the printer setting.

Adobe scaling printing

Either print the full size template onto the back of already printed paper, cut to size wrapping paper or use card-stock and create a template. You’ll only need the smaller one in normal paper as this one will sit inside the full size.

Cut out the seed packet shape

Fold along lines

and fold along the lines using a bone folder and ruler.

Adhere the bottom and side of the “envelope” using tape. Make sure all the holes are secure, some seeds are so tine they can escape.

Place your seeds in the envelope and seal tightly.

Make the larger seed packet, using tape or paper glue.

Larger printed packet

You can really go to town decorating the external envelope, here a few suggestions.

and one you have the hang of making them, make your own template …think tea bag…!


Different papers, different sizes


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