Playful Dinosaur Coatrack

When working on a theme for a child’s bedroom, you can really go all out. By selecting a neutral base (walls, carpet etc.) pops of color can be added in soft furnishings, fabrics and décor.

Here is a great idea either using a store bought coat rack or (if you have a woodworker in the family) just a piece of wood and some pegs.

Ready to hang

Hang it high to keep clothes out of the way of sticky fingers, or hang low to help kids get used to hanging their clothes.

I am continuing the theme for a friend’s new baby boy with Dinosaurs. He already has cot quilt set, diaper stack, tissue box all in the same design, This is his valance in this post. I loved this dinosaur pattern as soon as I saw it, and although it’s now discontinued, and have been great sources of additional material.

Shaker pegs are used for this project, for a different look; say a girls room, fancy glass knobs would look, well, fancy!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Wood plaque. I used a scrap piece of pine and routed the edge, a store bought one would work just as well especially if picked up cheaply at a flea market or yard sale.
  • Shaker pegs and drill bit the same size
  • Glue
  • Paint in colors that match your scheme.
  • Design or idea. Here I used a fabric panel that I photocopied and carbon copied onto the wood.

Materials neededPaints used

Using a scrap of pine I had lying around and cut to size (20”x 6”). I routed the edge with a simple shape.  This does looks nicer than just leaving a hard angle. But as not everyone is comfortable working with power tools a store bought one is fine. Or even add decorative molding to the edge with some pin nails.

Routed edge

Work out where and how many pegs you want. Drill holes. I have three evenly spaced. The wall where this is going is quite small, so my size was restricted. Now either drill some additional holes to hang (I forgot to do this and ended up with holes in awkward places on the dinosaur). I would only recommend using screws in to studs or specialty drywall anchors. This is going to hang a lot of weight and needs to be strong.

Sand the wood with 150 grit paper to provide a good key. If you’re wood is already painted or varnished, take your time, you’ll need to remove any existing finish first.

Prime with a paint that’s suitable with the final finish. I’m using acrylics so my primer is water based. If using oils, then use an oil based primer. Oil based paints can go over water primer, but acrylics cannot be painted over oil based primer.

Water based primers can raise the grain so sand again with a 150 grit paper. Then with a 220 grit. I like a second coat of primer so I paint and sand again.

The dinosaur pattern was photocopied from the fabric edging used. Once scanned it can be printed different sizes to fit the plaque used.

I used good old fashioned carbon paper to transfer the image.

Using the carbon paper to transfer design

Carbon copied pattern

Now comes the fun bit. Coloring between the lines. Using the fabric as inspiration

Here it is with some of the painting done. I mix paint as I go along making sure I’ve mixed enough for all the bits of that color. Keep going until all the painting is done. Acrylics dry really quickly so this could be done in a day (although I did take most of a weekend). Don’t forget to paint the pegs.

using the fabric as inspiration, paint.

I used a pen to give details to the pattern, and the dinosaur eyes.

detail with pegs painted

I drilled some holes for hanging it on the wall, I’d forgotten to this earlier and they didn’t work out in very good places. I also painted some buttons where the holes to hang are drilled.

Glue the pegs in place and leave to dry. I also gave this a dusting of polyurethane to seal the paint finish.

Now hang and enjoy!


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