Handmade Dodec Spinning Wheel

One of the best things about working with the people I do is the constant challenge set for me. My gal pal at work is a spinner and knitter and likes nothing more (kids allowing) to sit and spin for a few hours. She already has a fully functional (and expensive) spinning wheel, but found an article on the web dating back to what we surmised was the 1970’s on how to make your own spinning wheel for less than $7.

So… challenge accepted.. Can I make a spinning wheel for under $10….

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Wine Rack for an Eclectic Kitchen Redo

I have a friend at work whose sentences start with  “Here let me show what I’ve pinned. Can you make one for me?”. I love those words, it usually means that I’m going to be working in the wood shop or crafting, my favorite past-time. This time was a wine rack for her newly renovated kitchen. After spending a lot of time and effort painting cabinets, she wanted something rustic to sit on a wall cabinet, but not too deep as to obscure the window. This was my challenge.

Finished wine rack

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Organisation Tips and Tricks – Use Pegs for useful decoration

Now that the New Year is upon us it seems like everyone is turning towards organizing and tidying up their space. It’s either the truth of the matter or exactly what the big box stores and home magazines would like us to believe. Regardless, it’s a good time to take stock and rearrange your space with a new start in mind. I also have this thing going on with pegs at the moment, small and tiny pegs. So why not use pegs as a way to hold the tags?


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Wrapping up the Holidays – Easy, simple organizing solution

Twelfth Night (5th January) signifies the end of the Christmas holiday that had begun on Christmas Day. The morning after Twelfth Night is marked as the Epiphany and supposed to celebrate the day that the three Magi arrived from the east.

It seems strange then that in the United Kingdom the tradition says, it is the night that we are supposed to have taken down all our holiday decorations. Leaving them up bringing bad luck that anyone who forgets to take them down must leave them in place all year to avoid misfortune.

So before the 5th Jan has time to arrive and before all those needles have fallen from the tree, I have a very simple organizing idea I would like to share.

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