Mini Pumpkin Napkin Rings

So with Halloween still on the horizon, how many of you are starting to think about Thanksgiving and having the family around for a big Thanksgiving Turkey dinner?

The beauty with most fall decorating is that is can be used through the season until after thanksgiving when we start to think about Christmas.

on the plate

Using the same technique as the fall 3D pumpkins but made in this post to fit onto a napkin ring. These thanksgiving or fall themed holders will brighten up your table and put a smile on Grandmas face.

What you’ll need:

  • Cardstock I hues of orange
  • Glue
  • Burlap, cardstock or napkins rings
  • Bone folder and ruler
  • Clips or clothes pegs to hold stuff while the glue dries.
  • Raffia

The pumpkin:

Using either a compass or paper cutting machine cut out circles with a diameter of 1.75inches. Cut out at least 6 circles for each napkin ring.

cut out circles and stalks

Again the bottoms were trimmed (to transect around 1 inch).

transcept at 1 inch

Score and fold each circle in half using a bone folder and ruler.

score across the circle

Stick half of the first to the half of the second circle and keep going until all 6 are stuck together , (don’t stick the first one to the last one making a full circle).

Stalk and leaves:

The leaves and stalk were cut free hand, use the photo of the cut circles above to get an idea of the shape and size.  Use a small amount of glue on the leaves and clothes peg to stick the leaves onto the stalk. Do these on every stalk at jaunty angles. Allow to dry

add a couple of drops of glue

Stick the stalk and leaves on the back of the pumpkin.

glue the stalk to the back of the pumpkin

To make the vines:

Using a length of raffia, soak in either fabric stiffener or white glue. You need to wrap then around something that will release from the fabric stiffener. I had some plastic rods on hand which are made from a particular plastic which glue didn’t stick too, if you’re not that lucky wrap a pencil in cling wrap. Clip the start and end.

wind the raffia around the pencil

Leave to dry and set up. Unclip and release the pencil. The vine will hold its shape. When dry pull away from the form and trim to an appropriate size for the pumpkin. Glue one either side of the stalk.

Making the Napkin Holder:

You can use anything as a napkin holder. Craft stores sell wooden unpainted ones, burlap or if you only plan to use these once or twice, simple card-stock would do. I went with burlap that was treated with fabric stiffener so as to keep the shape.

the napkin ring should hold the napkin firm . To get the size you need and as my napkin band may be a different size than yours. you’ll need to measure the napkin. To find out how long you should cut the burlap… Fold the napkin and measure around using string or ribbon.

Wrap it around your napkin

(This is the universal method for measuring something that’s not straight when you don’t have a flexible tape to hand) and then hold the string along a ruler…

measure the ribbon against a ruler

Voilà you have your measurement.

Cut a length of burlap to the measured length (add ½ inch to the length for the overlap for gluing) and about 1 ½ inch wide.

Glue the band into a circle overlapping the half inch. Allow to set up.

glue the burlap

Wrap raffia around the burlap for added texture. Using glue and clothes to hold until dry.

add some raffia

Stick the completed pumpkin onto the band using those clothes pegs.

stick the pumpkin on the burlap

Pull the napkin through. Your fabulous table touch is finished. Aren’t they cute?

on the plateat the table

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