Little hand made boxes; great for those handmade soaps

The holidays are nearly here. Black Friday will be upon us where we all spend hours either wondering around the shops, or on the internet trying to figure out what to buy for friends and family.

Handmade gifts for the holidays are always a great way to show that you appreciate and care. It’s not always the cheapest option but even wrapping some shop bought soaps up in their own special packaging makes them extra special. If you make your own soap (as I do, see this post) then make sure you leave plenty of time to allow the alkali and oils to fully cure and all the water to go before making and wrapping, (at least 6 weeks).

wrap the soap in paper to match

These simple boxes are a great and simple idea that means you can use any card-stock you like for each of your gifts.

You could measure and draw out your own template for the box, but a simpler way is to use one of the template makers you can find on the internet. i like this one  its very easy to use. The hardest choice is which box to use. I selected the simple gift box. Don’t be fooled by the examples, these can be modified to form lots of different shape. Think outside the box 😎

After a quick measure of my soap bar (2 x 2 x 3/4 inches: w x l x h). You enter the measurements and the template maker provides an easily printable template of the correct parameters. It’s that simple. The only thing to remember is to turn off automatic scaling on the printer. You want to print at 100% (otherwise those carefully measured numbers won’t come out right.

Print off the template

Print on to the card-stock (plain if making a template, or the final sheet, if it fits in your printer),

Carefully cut along the cut lines (don’t get confused with the fold lines! (Yep been there, done that!).Cut out on your cardstock

Using a bone folder and ruler, score along the dotted line and without moving the ruler, fold the card up and over the ruler.

Score and fold in one movement

The way the box goes together should be fairly easy to work out. You have a choice to fold the tabs into the box or have them outside. It’s a pure personal choice depending on the style you’re going for. I went inside on these.

Apply a little glue and use clothes pegs to hold the box together while the glue dries.

Use clothes pegs to hold while the glue dries

Fold all your flaps in to make sure everything fits. There may be a need for a little trim, just use a sharp knife or scissors

little box

I wrapped the soap bar in parchment and a band of the same cardstock. Using a simple punch gives great dimension. You can coordinate with the holiday or use for wedding favors.

Little soap little box

By cutting a hole in the lid before gluing them up (you can either add acetate sheets or leave them empty.) gives a little view into the gift and shows your wonderful soap.

If planning for a wedding favor, grab your friends and make a production line, you’ll have them done in no time at all and for only the cost of the card-stock, and maybe a few bottles of wine 😎

try cutting a hole in the lid

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