Large Letter Home Decor Monogram

So what does every home mantel need to dress it up and customize it, why a large letter Monogram.

I’ve looked longingly at the metal, denim and leather letters in the home stores, but even with a discount coupon couldn’t justify spending the money on a letter when although I liked the idea of them, I didn’t like the fonts on offer. My solution…. Make my own, cool eh? The leather looks is achieved using Modge podge and brown paper.

Large Letter 2

This started life as breakfast cereal boxes. When you have a husband who eats them for lunch, dinner and tea, you amass a lot of cardboard boxes. There are all sorts of things you can do with these so i remove them from recycling cycle and reuse them in my crafts. I used around 5 for this project, because of the size I made the letter. Going a bit smaller would use less.

Using a word process program, create your monogram in a font you like. I used “Lucinda Calligraphy” as I knew i wanted a little flair, but still needed a flat bottomed letter so it would stand up.

You also want to make sure that your letter doesn’t have to many angles as you may have trouble when you get to stick the sides on.

Large Letter 1

I couldn’t get the letter as thick as I wanted, even using the tools in the program, so ended up pencilling in lines after printing over the several pages.

I used this template to cut out a front and back out off the cereal packets.

Using the rest of the cereal packets, I cut 1 inch strips which will become the sides of the letter.

Using your every-so handy glue gun, bend the strips around the front of the letter, gluing as you go.

Large Letter 12Large Letter 11

Take your time and finish each strip with a small tab against the next one to give some rigidity.

The back of the letter has to be stuck on using tape. Don’t worry – this will be covered up with the paper later.

Large Letter 9Large Letter 8

So now you finally have a use for all that brown paper packing that comes with your parcels, Yeah! More recycling.

Tear the packing paper ( or any brown paper) into small uneven pieces… keep them small, scruch into balls then gently pull apart again.

Large letter 6

Using Modge Podge, stick in layers over the letters. The leather look comes without trying as the adhesive wets the paper unevenly and in the creases.

Overlap the pieces in a random pattern until the letter is completely covered.Large Letter 4Large Letter 5

Allow to dry.

Large Letter 3

Large Letter 2

There you go, a beautiful, leather look monogram letter to add to your home decor.

These would also make excellent Baby Nursery Decor or for a wedding party (two intertwined together?)

Have fun; these were cheap to make and an easy weekend project …. Keep the Children quiet for an afternoon over the holiday.

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