Holiday Gift Tags – a need or a want…… oh! a need……

There are so many gifts to give throughout the year; holidays, birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, wedding gifts… the list goes on. What makes each gift unique…. why a gift tag. and when you’ve either made it yourself or bought it, a gift tag just finishes off the gift by including some small message that shows the recipient how much you care. These are simple, wooden gift tags crafted using bought cutouts… but Shhhh! no-one will know

Gift Tag


I recently picked up some old pickle boxes from the back of a store over in Lancaster county… They were advertised on craigslist as free, so I didn’t just steal them…Craigslist is great for free stuff.

After breaking them apart i used by scroll saw (recent purchase… Yeah!) to cut simple tag shapes.

The wood is quite thin and in some places flaky… so I had to pick an choose… (or should that pickle and choose. Sorry! Feeling the funnies today!)

I had some holiday themed ribbon in the drawer so wondered over to the local craft store and found these tree cut outs. Sure i could have used the scrol saw to cut them and may do in the future, but i was on a time crunch


Gift Tag 1 Gift Tag 2

Putting the gift tags together was as simple as glue, glue and stick.

After selecting which side I wanted to be the front. I glued a strip of ribbon around the tag.Gift Tag 4

Those handy clips are used to hold while the glue dries.Gift Tag 3

And Voila… add some hemp twine and you have gift tags.

Gift Tag 5


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