Give Thanks! update your Pumpkin decor before the big day

By now you’re probably sick of pumpkins. But until after the thanksgiving holiday – you can’t even start think about swapping out those fall decorations for the Christmas tree.

Here is a very quick and simple way to refresh those fall decorations for the thanksgiving table.

Give thanks

You’ll need

  • Pumpkin.
  • Water slide decal paper (or if you’re really talented just the template and some black paint).
  • Template (I’ve created the wording in a jpg but the pictures have gone a little funny,. It would really simple just to recreate in your favorite font in a word processing package)

Give Thanks Template

Print on to the water slide decal paper. Leave to dry for quite a while, overnight if possible. The print can smudge if you’re not careful.

Follow the instructions on the decal paper, but most of them require you spray the paper with a protective sealer before use. Do a couple of fine coats rather than one thick one.

Wash your pumpkin. You don’t want to have dirt under that lettering.

Prepare a shallow dish with water. Cut around the edges of the printed pattern as close as you dare, leave too much and you’ll see it in the finished piece.

Place the decal water into the dish and allow to soak for a few moments. Most papers are ready to use after around 30 seconds. (The paper will curl  and you may actually see the Decal paper slide away from the backing)

Using tweezers (I have chunky fingers!) pull the decal out of the water and slide onto the pumpkin. If you’re not sure where you want to put it, spray the pumpkin lightly with water and this allows the paper to slide around a bit for re-positioning.

Remove all the air bubble and push the paper into the creases. I didn’t make a very good job of this, so I can see bubbles underneath.

To protect the pumpkin, either use a modge-podge type product or spray with a protective sealer.

I really didn’t get a good shot of the finished product but it looks really great in the flesh. Give thanks

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