Fabric Bunting for a Neutral Nursery

When creating a gender neutral nursery what could be better than this green and lilac theme. This fabric bunting is perfect as a wall decoration in the baby’s room.

Using a very simple fabric that already has the diamond shape incorporated and some bias tape, this is easy to make in an afternoon.

Final Bunting

This fabric was a fantastic find as it already has the diamond shape printed on it. This makes all the diamonds the same size and gives a variety of colors and patterns. If you already have a fabric in mind then using a template created from a breakfast cereal packet would ensure a  consistent size. Select your fabric

Using iron on fabric stabilizer will help stop the fabric fray and give the fabric diamonds some shape. If the fabric looks like its going to keep fraying, then the addition of fray stop or a white glue along the raw edge will help. Iron on the stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Use a rotary cutter and ruler and cut along the lines of the fabric.

Cut out shapes

Fold each diamond in half and give a quick iron. Sew along the edge of each triangle created. This was about a 1/4 inch allowance.


Using the bias tape made in this post, start sewing the tape together giving your self a tail to hang the bunting, then add the triangles int to the folded tape. Leave a tail at the end too.

Sew each diamond in the tape

Hang and enjoy. Or why not create a a baby shower gift for the mother to be.

Final Bunting



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