Easy Newborn Baby Dress

what do you get for a couple who already have everything they need?  Why not sew up a simple easy dress for the newborn. Add some t-shirts or hand-knit cardigan for a beautiful hand made gift.

In coordinating fabric, this dress is easy to make . Choose light weight cottons for summer or a mini corduroy for the winter. Worn over leggings or tights to make a whole outfit worthy to be called Sunday best.

The selection of the fabric for this dress was inspired by the couple I plan to give it too. I work with the Dad and him and his wife are a young couple with traditional values, so I wanted something that fit with that style. As usual my first stop was to shabbyfabrics where the range of available cotton fabrics is just overwhelmingly beautiful.


I found the pattern on the internet, after searching for something that was both cute and classic. Over at Sew Kate Sew, she has a range of patterns that are free and for sale. I love the simplicity of the style that adds elegance to such a sweet little pattern.




Print out the pattern ( follow directions and make sure your printer is set to 100%).

Pre-wash your fabric and iron before use.

Cut out all the pieces in accordance with how you want to use the fabric. I choose to do a pocket and the straps in the coordinating fabric, with the dress top and skirt in the main fabric.

Now we are ready to put it together.

Sew the straps along the length of the fabric. The pattern gives 1/4 inch sewing allowance. Don’t forget to use the handy sewing guide that your machine has printed by the foot. Turn right side an iron with the seam at the back.




Thread the elastic through one end of the strap. Sew across the open ends to hold the elastic in place.


Pin both straps approximately 3/4 inch away from the top of the front. you can do the outside and lining at the same time. Sew along, catching both straps. leave the arm hole area un-sewn at this time. Repeat with back of the dress.




Now the skirt can be sewn on the  outside pieces of the top. First gather using your favorite method. Either by hand or use a very wide stitch on the machine and pull through the threads.





Here is what it look like now.

The sides need to be stiched up still and is why you left the open earlier.






Sew up the sides from the top of the top to the bottom of the skirt.







Turn under the lining on the bodice, iron and hand sew the lining down.

The skirt hem is turned over twie, ironed and sewn with a top stitch.



I added the pocket on last to make sure it was placed nicely, but can just as easily be added before the skirt is sewn.



The pocket is just a piece of fabric over-locked and stitched onto the front of the skirt.



Viola! – all finished.  A beautiful little dress fit for a princess. In the winter, this would be great with a sweater underneath or a t-shirt and hand knit cardigan.

by changing out the pattern, you have a smart little dress that goes for all seasons and occasions.

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