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Dinosaur Print Valance

This valance continues the Dinosaur theme for a friends little boy. The pre-printed panels of this design are used together to create an easy to sew valance.

Dinosaur Valance

The valance its self is just a pre-printed panel fabric sewn with a backing piece and some tabs inserted as we sew… it really is that easy. The size of any valance is dependent on window size and how far your rod is above the window.

The size of this valance was dependent on the actual print. The finished size (inches) is 16 3/4 deep and 90 wide. Because it did end up quite deep it was lucky that the rod in the nursery is quite high over the window, so as not to block out too much light.

This fabric came with the design printed down the yardage, meaning to get as few seams on the finished piece two yards were purchased. However with this type of printing comes another issue. Where to cut between the two patterns. The blue here is both the sea and sky, blending in to each other, so I decided to cut through the clouds and use them to keep my cutting level.

Blue is both sky and sea

There needs to be a join to get the width I need, so they were sewn together matching the patterns as close as possible. Sometimes the actual print prevents a true match (that’s my excuse for the poor dinosaurs face and I’m sticking to it!).

Match the pattern

The stamp design was also a little tricky. Because of the length I needed I had to cut along the edge of the design. This didn’t give me much material left for a seam allowance so this was sewn using a ¼ inch seam allowance. Going back over with a zigzag stitch then reinforces the seam. Iron the seams flat.

Top stamp sewn onBottom stamp sewn

Now it’s time to make the tabs. The finished tab size is 2 inches wide, so widths of the contrasting material is cut at 5 inches. The tabs are made by sewing the sides together and turning inside out. Iron the seam in the middle. This will become the inside of the tab where it won’t be seen. I made all the tabs from one long sausage and then cut to size one turned inside out and ironed flat. Each tab was cut at 9 inches (I worked this out from my overall length so I did not waste any material. In the end this made 14 tabs.  Each tab was then folded in half (with the seam on the inside) and ironed flat. I also sewed the edges together for ease of use later.

To space the tabs along the valance – the finished width was divided by 13 (the number of spaces in between the tabs. (Equal in this case to 6 7/8”). It was easy to mark the back of the valance with a quilt pencil as these wash off later if required.  A tab was set at each end and then centered over the 6 7/8 mark and pinned along the valance. The backing cotton was then pinned in place and sewn along the entire length. I used ¼ seam allowance due to the pattern on the stamp design again using a zigzag stitch afterwards for extra strength.

Sew the backing cotton along with the tabs

Turn everything the right way and iron down the seams.

Iron the seams flat

Adding a contrasting top stitch for a little vroom.

Top stitch with a contrasting color

For the rest of the seams, turn over a seam fold, I like to iron this so it keeps its shape, and for some reason I really can’t explain I always hand sew any curtain hems. Once the hems is ironed flat, pin both the cotton backing and front panel and whip stitch together. Iron everything just before hanging the valance, step back and enjoy!

Dinosaur Valance

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