Cheap (if not free) Artwork

Here is the quickest way to add some color to a room, very cheaply using some copyright free images printed from the web, and some picture frames from that Swedish store!

Decor instantlyPerfect art

If you’re staging your home for sale, then removing your personal photos is usually recommended. When those walls feel bare. Reuse those photo frames with free printed images to bring a homely feel.

There are some wonderful places on the internet that you can get copyright free images. I got mine from

For flowers, ferns and other botanical items, take a look at These images are scanned from some really interesting old material, books can be downloaded in whole. has some really cool French scripts which I really fancy doing some cool furniture art with.

For some really interesting and different stuff try the New York Digital Library at

I really like butterflies, the colors and forms make a great art installation and they feature prominently in my home.

All you need is some frames

Take some frames

Download the images into a word package. They can be manipulated for size and, as I’ve done, add a printed border to add some dimension.

Then simply print. If your printer doesn’t do very good quality prints then the big office supplies stores will print for a few pennies a sheet. You don’t have to worry about special paper, we’re really not going for museum quality art here.

and some printed art

Trim them to size. I would always recommend a steel ruler and a craft knife. Scissors really are too slow and wobbly for this.

Now let’s get the frames ready. Take the backing of the frame. If they have those small metal fixtures, place a butter knife under and bend in one motion.  Take out the glass (or plastic) and make sure there is no dust or dirt lurking. Clean really well with a glass cleaner just before use. Dirt under the glass can really spoil the finished products. My frames did come with a plastic front, but I cut some glass to size to beef up the style. Your local hardware store can do this, but doing so starts adding those dollars, we were going for cheap here.

Re-assemble the frame, glass, picture, backing board and reset those little metal clips back holding everything firm.

To hang I’m really a fan of the sticky tabs that have a hook and loop type fixture. They hold lightweight frames without difficulty, can be repositioned easily and don’t leave any marks when pulled off.

trim some 3m picture hangers to size

I aligned these by eye. Looks like I’m a little of center on the bar. But that’s the beauty of those picture hangers I can move them easily.

Perfect art


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