Want to make soap? Here is a simple recipe to get you started.

Are you a potential homesteader or just fed up with using those shop bought bars and shower gel that are full of chemicals. Did you know that most commercial soap has the glycerine removed (to sell separately) then it’s benefits replaced with chemicals? These chemicals (detergents (sodium cocoyl isethionate), hardeners and synthetic lathering agents (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)) are the reasons why I got into making soap.


If you would like to have a try , the read on……

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Little hand made boxes; great for those handmade soaps

The holidays are nearly here. Black Friday will be upon us where we all spend hours either wondering around the shops, or on the internet trying to figure out what to buy for friends and family.

Handmade gifts for the holidays are always a great way to show that you appreciate and care. It’s not always the cheapest option but even wrapping some shop bought soaps up in their own special packaging makes them extra special. If you make your own soap (as I do, see this post) then make sure you leave plenty of time to allow the alkali and oils to fully cure and all the water to go before making and wrapping, (at least 6 weeks).

wrap the soap in paper to match

These simple boxes are a great and simple idea that means you can use any card-stock you like for each of your gifts.

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Hand Made Goats Milk Soap

What could be nicer for a wedding or baby shower favor than receiving handmade soap. Its full of natural ingredients found at the local grocery store (and hardware store), that moisturize while you wash. Its a real shame you can’s smell how wonderful these are…. warm milk and honey.

Finshed Soap

You can style these guest sized soaps up or down to suit your theme. Here is an easy pictorial to help you make goats milk soap at home

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