Easy Newborn Baby Dress

what do you get for a couple who already have everything they need?  Why not sew up a simple easy dress for the newborn. Add some t-shirts or hand-knit cardigan for a beautiful hand made gift.

In coordinating fabric, this dress is easy to make . Choose light weight cottons for summer or a mini corduroy for the winter. Worn over leggings or tights to make a whole outfit worthy to be called Sunday best.

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Silk Holiday Gift bag, with a Drawstring Closure

They say you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but what about a silk purse out of a greatly reduced silk drape bought on special.


These pre-packaged drape sets make an economical way of buying fabric if you don’t mind spending time unpicking the seams. This 108 inch x 41 inch drape gives me 3 yards of Dupioni silk, plenty for some cushions or in this case little drawstring bags to fill with gifts. They make a special way of bestowing a loved one or family with little presents.

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Fabric Luggage Tag for the Traveler on Your Holiday Gift List

The start of the holiday gift making season is now upon us. I should have got started earlier but you know how life gets in the way. These luggage tags are perfect for the traveler in the family or for the friend at work who travels for business. They can be used to identify non-descript luggage in the pile of other ones or to add some contact information (although it’s never a good idea to put home addresses on luggage tags). Coordinate the fabric for a favorite color or theme.

Coordinated Luggage setLuggage tag sweetLuggage-tag-finished-saved-

They are quick to run up in numbers when you want to coordinate a luggage set.

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Fabric Baskets, Give as a Gift or Gift Basket

I know that thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet but for those of us who make gifts, you can never start sewing or gift making too early. As I recently made one of these fabric baskets with a baby blanket and soft toy for a friend’s new baby I’ve got the bug for making a few more. With the holidays coming around they make great gifts either on their own, or use as an alternative to a stocking. Add some weekend staples for when your holiday’s guests come over to stay.

Fill with weekend necessaries

This basic fabric pattern can be used over and over again, scaled up and down or change the handles for a grocery tote bag.

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Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fallen leaves, cold nights and pumpkin pie spiced lattes. Autumn brings all sort of goodies and comforts. Pumpkins are a stalwart of autumn, both in eating and decorating. If like me, you enjoy decorating your home for this wonderful abundant time of year, you’ll love these fabric pumpkins.

More Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Using minimal amounts of fabric (fat quarters in this case) you can make some pumpkins that really add a punch.

Pumpkins real and imagined


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