Large Letter Home Decor Monogram

So what does every home mantel need to dress it up and customize it, why a large letter Monogram.

I’ve looked longingly at the metal, denim and leather letters in the home stores, but even with a discount coupon couldn’t justify spending the money on a letter when although I liked the idea of them, I didn’t like the fonts on offer. My solution…. Make my own, cool eh? The leather looks is achieved using Modge podge and brown paper.

Large Letter 2

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Holiday Gift Tags – a need or a want…… oh! a need……

There are so many gifts to give throughout the year; holidays, birthdays, anniversary, baby showers, wedding gifts… the list goes on. What makes each gift unique…. why a gift tag. and when you’ve either made it yourself or bought it, a gift tag just finishes off the gift by including some small message that shows the recipient how much you care. These are simple, wooden gift tags crafted using bought cutouts… but Shhhh! no-one will know

Gift Tag

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Organisation Tips and Tricks – Use Pegs for useful decoration

Now that the New Year is upon us it seems like everyone is turning towards organizing and tidying up their space. It’s either the truth of the matter or exactly what the big box stores and home magazines would like us to believe. Regardless, it’s a good time to take stock and rearrange your space with a new start in mind. I also have this thing going on with pegs at the moment, small and tiny pegs. So why not use pegs as a way to hold the tags?


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Little hand made boxes; great for those handmade soaps

The holidays are nearly here. Black Friday will be upon us where we all spend hours either wondering around the shops, or on the internet trying to figure out what to buy for friends and family.

Handmade gifts for the holidays are always a great way to show that you appreciate and care. It’s not always the cheapest option but even wrapping some shop bought soaps up in their own special packaging makes them extra special. If you make your own soap (as I do, see this post) then make sure you leave plenty of time to allow the alkali and oils to fully cure and all the water to go before making and wrapping, (at least 6 weeks).

wrap the soap in paper to match

These simple boxes are a great and simple idea that means you can use any card-stock you like for each of your gifts.

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Thanksgiving Rosette Napkins

Now that Halloween is over, all the black Friday television adverts are hitting the airways. This of course just reminds us that thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you are catering for just close family or you’ve lots of guests over, you’ll want to make the table looks its best. The simplest decorations are usually the best and if they are quick and easy to put together then that’s even better.

Place settingPlace setting together

These are a simple and elegant. Like these napkin rings in this post , these use kitchen roll inserts to provide the basis for the rings.

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