Boo! Mini pumpkins

If you have small ( or not so small) children and the excitement of “what to go as this year” fever has gripped your household, then you may not have gotten around to think about how to decorate for the Halloween party or just to add some fun-into-the-day garnishing.

Any spare (or not so spare) pumpkins can be turned around into some fun accents for the table with a simple cut out wording…. Here I’ve gone for”Boo”…. But what about “scary” or creating a “poison” pumpkin patch with some “arsenic, cyanide and thallium”. There are some wonder full free printouts.


To add some additional flair I used some previously painted teeny tiny plant pots from the craft store to pop them on top off.

Print off the the boo.pdf onto card-stock.


This will give letters that are around an inch high. If you want bigger words then scale up using your printer.

Adobe scaling printing

I wouldn’t recommend making them any smaller unless you plan on pulling your hair out cutting them out, it’d get really fiddly.

Cut out the words using a craft knife.

Cut out using a craft knife

Add a few strips of adhesive

a couple of strips of adhesive

Stick on pumpkin: Seriously – it’s that easy, if you have a paper cutting machine then it’s even easier, just choose your letters, re-size and press cut.


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