Ahoy! Nautical Diaper Cake

You’ve got to love a baby shower, the expectation of a new child, the promise of a new start.

One of my favorite things to make is the Diaper cake. You can start off with the same base and  customize it to any baby shower theme, nursery theme or just keep it natural.

Today’s baby theme was “Nautical”. The new mother already knows the baby’s sex and name so this one was easy.

Here is the finished cake, ready to go to the party.

Ahoy! Nautical Diaper cakeAhoy! Nautical Diaper cake

As my work-space is used for any and every type of project ( and I am a cat owner, and not everyone appreciates extra protein!), I wipe my work space down with a spray bottle of alcohol (70% from the pharmacy store).

So where do we start? Here is a list of the things we’ll need for the Diaper Cake;

Tools require 3

Glue gun

Ribbon (1 smaller sized to do the initial wrap and one wide band for the final presentation)

Safety pins

Used Paper towel roll (insert)

Diapers (this isn’t an advert for Pampers, just what I had handy)


Not shown here is the foam board used for the base. You can use anything to hand; cake board, cardboard etc. Just something strong enough, but just make it “pretty” by wrapping in a coordinated paper or use a doily.

We’ll start by deciding how may layers you’ll want to make. I prefer two ( as shown in the final piece, only because it fits nicely into the large gift bags from the craft store, but as you can see below, 3 layers would fit nicely on to the standard paper towel roll.

Lets measure how high we're goingMeasure and trim you’re paper towel roll depending on the number of layers. My mark here is a little dark, but it’s a little lower than the two diapers as I don’t want the roll to show.





Unwrap the diapers and keep them handy, if you’re doing this on your own, you’ll need to have everything to hand (optionally: have a husband within shouting distance).

Wrapping the first row








Wrapping the ribbon around the tube several times at what would be the center of the diaper, pull tight so it “self holds” then start wrapping the diapers one by one, holding them with the ribbon.

If it starts getting a little hard to hold, use a safety pin in the ribbon (but don’t close it, put the open end downwards; you’ll see why later) pulling the ribbon tight as you go.

Use saftey pins to keep the wrapping tight

Keep going all the way around until you are happy with the size of your layer. Use as many safety pins as you need, but keep an note of how many you use, you’ll need to know you have them all out at the end.

Its all coming together

Take a breather, have a cup of coffee…( or is that just me? ) while your glue gun warms up.

Before wrapping the second ribbon choice (the one that hold the final product) put the end of the ribbon you’ve used to hold the diapers together on the top of the layer.

Wrap your final ribbon choice around the fished layer and use hot glue. Hold for a few moments until the glue cools. The photo below shows the ribbon underneath on top of the layer.

Use a large ribbon to hold together

I put 1 strip on glue to hold the ribbon, then fold over the end and use more glue to make a nice end.

We can now remove all that ribbon holding the diapers together. Gently pull the ribbon out, and when you get to a safety pin,  pull out ( using tweezers if you have chunky fingers like me!) and keep pulling. You can see now why we wanted the opening at the bottom. The final piece around the paper towel roll may be a bit trickier, but as all the diapers have been released , the tension on the roll should be a little less.

Remove all pins used and unwrap

Voila!.. we have finished 1 layer. Now simply repeat for how many layers you’re making.

To decorate:

I wanted to continue the bunting theme, so I searched for “free printable nautical paper” which bought up thousands of choices to print. The hardest part was choosing which ones i wanted, but found some here…www.thecottagemarket.com. Printing off a few sheets using a color printer was all I needed (as the bunting is so small).

Cut small triangles, I centered over the pattern, but random works well too.


Fold over the top of the triangle, just a little trimming of any paper that shows from the front.


A small amount of glue in the crease and wrapped around a piece of cord is all it takes to make wonderful bunting. Make as much as you need to wrap around both layers.

Wrap the bunting around the cake using the glue gun to secure it to the ribbon.

Finshed Cake - Front

You could go further and add additional items around the cake, or what about a topper made with baby sock roses… (more on those for another day).

Happy crafting 🙂






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