Ahoy! Bunting

One way of decorating a room inexpensively and quickly is by adding a pop of color with bunting. Coordinate with the theme of the party or use for seasonal decoration around the home.

For a recent baby shower, “Nautical” was the theme. This just happened to be the choice of nursery decor as the new mum knew she was having a little boy. Keeping the theme for the baby shower also means that any decorations can go straight into the nursery, and easily changed out when needs be.

Here is the finished bunting, read more to see just how simple it is to make a huge impact.



Either use a search engine to find free printable papers, pre-printed craft store papers (catch them on sale), or wrapping paper. I found my free printable here http://www.ianandlola.com/.

You’ll need to print off a quite few copies depending on the size of the wall or table you are decorating. This one was on a full sheet of letter sized paper, so each flag is one page.

the only other things needed are an adhesive ( I used good old Elmer’s, but tape would work too), and some thing to hang them on. Keeping with the nautical theme, this sisal twine is just the ticket.

Materials used

Cut the image out using a craft knife or scissors, If using wrapping paper, go ahead and make a template (then they will all be the same size).

Cut out the shape

Now we need to score and create the tab where the twine will go through.

Use a “soft” surface to score the paper, I use my cutting board, but several sheets of paper will also do the trick.Turn over and on the back, and using a ruler and bone folder score where the top will fold over. In this case it was about an inch. Keeping the ruler in place, fold over the top over the ruler ( this starts a nice sharp crease. Remove the ruler and crease again.

With the top folded, you’ll see which parts need trimming.  You can see here after the bits have been trimmed.

Trim off the sides

Use a small row of glue, or alternatively the tape to create a tab at the top of each flag. The glue looks a little bubbled, but it usually dries unbubbled (if that’s actually a word).

Add a small row of glueIMG_0350

If you want something a little more permanent or want to avoid the bubble affect, use a hole punch to create holes in the tab. Sew the sisal twine through the holes.

You can also punch holes and sew 2

Keep adding each flag to the twine, until you have enough. The number of flags used for your bunting is your choice.

Hang and enjoy.



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