Boo! Mini pumpkins

If you have small ( or not so small) children and the excitement of “what to go as this year” fever has gripped your household, then you may not have gotten around to think about how to decorate for the Halloween party or just to add some fun-into-the-day garnishing.

Any spare (or not so spare) pumpkins can be turned around into some fun accents for the table with a simple cut out wording…. Here I’ve gone for”Boo”…. But what about “scary” or creating a “poison” pumpkin patch with some “arsenic, cyanide and thallium”. There are some wonder full free printouts.


To add some additional flair I used some previously painted teeny tiny plant pots from the craft store to pop them on top off.

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Mini Pumpkin Napkin Rings

So with Halloween still on the horizon, how many of you are starting to think about Thanksgiving and having the family around for a big Thanksgiving Turkey dinner?

The beauty with most fall decorating is that is can be used through the season until after thanksgiving when we start to think about Christmas.

on the plate

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Playful Dinosaur Coatrack

When working on a theme for a child’s bedroom, you can really go all out. By selecting a neutral base (walls, carpet etc.) pops of color can be added in soft furnishings, fabrics and décor.

Here is a great idea either using a store bought coat rack or (if you have a woodworker in the family) just a piece of wood and some pegs.

Ready to hang

Hang it high to keep clothes out of the way of sticky fingers, or hang low to help kids get used to hanging their clothes.

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Apple, Date and Walnut Chutney

When a friend at work offers cheap apples, you just can’t say no. My colleague is a member of a local CSA who then offers additional foodstuffs at times when there is a glut, and this week apples are in season and ripening quickly. With the offer of quarter bushel of apples at the similar price local supermarkets are charging per pound, I just couldn’t resist, so the weekend was about chutney and apple sauce.

Absolutely delicious with a hunk of mature cheddar.

mmm delicious with mature cheddar

This apple chutney is really simple. The recipe was adapted from an old copy of the reader’s digest farmhouse kitchen. I can’t recall if it was a present from years ago or one of those freebies you used to get to promote the book club. It’s full of recipes from around the world and it a constant source for when I fancy spending the day in the kitchen either baking or canning.

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Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Fallen leaves, cold nights and pumpkin pie spiced lattes. Autumn brings all sort of goodies and comforts. Pumpkins are a stalwart of autumn, both in eating and decorating. If like me, you enjoy decorating your home for this wonderful abundant time of year, you’ll love these fabric pumpkins.

More Fall Fabric Pumpkins

Using minimal amounts of fabric (fat quarters in this case) you can make some pumpkins that really add a punch.

Pumpkins real and imagined


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